Lingerie shower gifts

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I'm here to talk today about lingerie bridal showers and give you some fun and beautiful gifts to give the bride! The gifts that you won't be embarrassed to give or gifts that the bride won't feel silly opening! So, you are invited to a lingerie bridal shower and you aren't sure of what to bring as a gift for the bride.

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Navigating the proper bridal shower gift etiquette is tough. These days, no two weddings are exactly alike, which means the lead-up to the big day may or may not involve a bridal shower, couples shower, engagement party, bachelor party, or bachelorette party. If you have been invited to a bridal shower or couples shower, you might be looking for the best bridal shower gift ideas to really wow the bride.

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Thanks to all for your clever suggestions. Read on:. Both cases had one side that read "YES" in big red letters.

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Here's a common scenario: You're checking out your friend's wedding registrysearching for something fun to buy her for her bridal shower. Deciding to or being forced to! Instead of panicking, consider items that she can use on her honeymoonor gifts that will elevate her day-to-day life as a newlywed. In fact, she'll wish she thought of them herself.

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This post contains affiliate links. Just wait until you see all of the bridal shower goodness and cuteness that we found! These are some of our favorite bridal shower gifts ideas to give.

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When you get an invitation to a bridal shower, how much you should spend on a gift will narrow down and guide your choices. A gift is expected at a bridal shower, as the "shower" refers to raining down gifts upon the bride or couple. You should not come empty-handed, no matter what your budget may be.

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However, today, modern bridal showers are about the bride herself, so a gift like scented candles are both for the bride, but also for her home too! Or, you could go one better and book her into a luxury spa experience! A massage, facial or some time in the sauna might be exactly what she needs as a bridal shower gift!

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Bridal showers are traditionally about preparing the bride-to-be for her new life as a wife. Here, friends and family join together to equip her with the right tools — from sexy lingerie to a toaster oven. But as with most traditionsthere are etiquette rules for giving wedding shower gifts. In this excerpt from " The Everything Wedding Shower Book " by Jennifer Jenkins, you'll find answers to seven of your most frequently asked bridal shower questions.

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If the newlyweds-to-be are all set with kitchenware and bath towels, skip the traditional bridal shower for a gathering of "intimates" instead. For a lingerie shower—aka lingerie party—guests are explicitly asked to gift the bride with sexy or sweet undergarments, slinky robes, massage oils or other romantic accessories. The lingerie party allows the bride to be pampered with beautiful pieces for her wedding night, honeymoon and after, while guests in attendance will actually enjoy watching gifts get opened.

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Having fancy china is great and all, but your friends will actually use these items more than once! Scroll on for some unique bridal shower gift ideas. Love Cosmo?