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Exercise and sex are similar in more ways than one. For instance, they can both turn you into a sweaty, endorphin-flooded mess, and they both offer plenty of heart-healthy benefits. So on its face, a "coregasm," or exercise-induced orgasm EIOseems like an easy way to kill two birds with one very pleasurable stone.

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A coregasm is an exercise-induced orgasm, which is actually the official term. It gets the term coregasm because it occurs most frequently when people are performing core workouts. Some people can reach an exercise orgasm from biking, running, swimming, or even yoga postures.

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Verified by Psychology Today. All About Sex. He wondered if the cause might be weak urinary sphincter muscles unable to stay closed under the abdominal pressure caused by these actions.

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Today's post is part one of a multi-part series on pelvic rehabilitation and sexual health. Stay tuned for part two! We know how much we pelvic floor therapists love hearing that phrase! How about taking a slightly more scientific view and really finding what helps women improve sexual function?

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For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Healthline Media, Inc.

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Almost everyone is familiar with this story: A year-old boy in some small town is sitting in math class. He isn't thinking about anything in particular or maybe he's thinking about Victoria's Secret catalogues, I don't know. Suddenly, before he can really understand what's happening, he's got an erection.

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There are many benefits to hitting the gym - setting yourself challenges, boosting your fitness levels and feeling that rush of endorphins course through your body. The coregasm was first described in by sexologist Alfred Kinsey in his book Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female. While the concept may have been circulating for more than half a century, one of the most in-depth studies into the coregasm only took place a mere seven years ago.

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Sure, sex is about intimacybut who doesn't want to have an explosive orgasm while we're at it? But it's not just about us: Having both parties climax can result in a steamy lovemaking session. Obviously, what goes on between the sheets is a big part of that but we can prep for the big event with specific exercises that are great for a better orgasm.

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Yeah, you probably know well enough by now that you can get some serious orgasms in bed, but get this: you can actually get that big "O" at the gym, too. These exercise-induced orgasms, or coregasmscan be pretty spectacular, and it'll make you want to get to those crunches and leg lifts on the reg. Basically, certain exercises can activate those muscles in your pelvic region, which can trigger an orgasm.

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Don't get me wrong—sex feels good for me, and my boyfriend tries really hard to pleasure me. We do lots of foreplay beforehand, he performs oral sex on me often, and we've tried toys. I'm just worried that my vagina isn't sensitive enough to actually get me there.


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