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Dragon Ball Goku was fucked out while catching dragon ball. Neeky and Dragon. Wrestling: Grab Ball.

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A japanese animation that is a plague for most otaku out there because of its overwelming popularity in the younger age groups. These preteens cannot type their insults toward possible DBZ-haters properly without adding random misspelled cusswords when trying to defend how a fighting anime can run for about fifty episodes before someone enrages themselves with power so much that it's surprising that someone doesn't explode from their muscles overtaking their head. He must be on steriods

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Welcome to Gotenboner! Exciting news! We are going to have another comic drawn from one of our stories! Read more.

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AS Blame this on a college seminar I had to attend for a class. By the way, I am straight, but it made me think, what if I was gay? How would my friends and family react?

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The 90's were a magical time for children's animation. Early on we had all the nickelodeon favourites, some of the best superhero cartoons, and then anime exploded onto the scene. Think back and remember all of your favourite cartoons and be washed over with nostalgia.

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By Zachary Kussin. What is she, a fight scene in an episode of Dragon Ball Z? She took much criticism for staying politically silent during the presidential election but has recently become more outspoken about the Equality Act.

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Hello Aliens of every Kind! Its me, Leslie Briefs! So I must explain a disclaimer. If you don't like that kind of stuff, you have been warned!

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Have you ever felt excluded from everything? There are no characters like you represented in a way that reflects how you see yourself. What are you left to do?

Every royal family member had worn it at their wedding. Every member except for him. Trunks fidgets a bit, fingers curling and uncurling as his eyes dart around.


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