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This application relates to intumescent materials, particularly for fire protection. An important part of modern building design is the protection of structural steel such as columns, beams, girders and other steel assemblies from the damaging effect of fire. Steel does not burn, but can lose strength at high temperatures.

Expansion of an intumescent material BASF. Expansion of the intumescent material Interdens Type Under the influence of fire and heat Interdens Type 36 forms a highly.

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Fire resistance of passive fire protection coatings after long-term weathering HOME Fire resistance of passive fire protection coatings after long-term weathering. Fire resistance of passive fire protection coatings after long-term weathering. Download PDF.

Home Categories Regions Search Member. Global Suppliers intumescent. Bostwick Singapore Pte Ltd. We are an international trading company specializing in the marketing of chemical, electronics, plastics, wood, machinery and healthcare products.

Sitting within our range of specialised construction products is a select range of passive fire protection materials for use in fire stopping or fire containing systems. Often used alternatively for their acoustic dampening properties, intumescent mastic sealants are always acrylic, water-based materials that actually swell upon exposure to extreme heat, approx. Wikipedia says this: An intumescent is a substance that swells as a result of heat exposure, thus increasing in volume and decreasing in density.

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Comment about this patent or add new information about this topic:. Abstract: An intumescent composition which comprises a polymer selected from a silane-terminated polyurethane or a silane-terminated polyether, a plasticizer that is compatible with the polymer and an intumescent ingredient. Processes of forming a cured intumescent substance, and methods of fire protecting a building are also provided.

This invention relates to fire resistant coating compositions, and in particular, to inorganic intumescent coating compositions for the fire protection of flammable substrates, particularly metal substrates such as aluminum. One of the most common materials used in the construction of modern ships is architectural aluminum. Intumescence is the ability of the coating, upon exposure to high temperature flame, to swell or foam into a solid heat insulating layer while protecting the substrate from direct exposure to the flame.

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Jan 31,This paper reports on a study evaluating the effect of natural weathering on the performance of intumescent-type fire-retardant coatings. Delivery and collection is available nationwide to all customers. Our Hempacore intumescent fire protection coatings insulate structural steel during cellulosic fire so it can retain its load-bearing capacity for up to two hours, Trafalgar fire are leaders in fire rated access panels, fire protection and passive fire protection, Intumescent Fire Dampers.


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