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Can humour help heal Holocaust survivors? Maybe, says Darren Richman. Students began a petition demanding The Harvard Lampoon be held accountable for the photoshopped image.

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And it lifts up and it tips out a whole pile of corpses. This night. This moment.

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But have you ever wondered how much you really know about Auschwitz? Unfortunately, the knowledge about the tragic history of Auschwitz — Birkenau amongst people gradually fades. But it is something we all need to know to fully understand the tragedy of genocide.

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Himmler at the brothel in Mauthausen concentration camp Barrack 1 in October In a diabolical scheme aimed at encouraging inmates to work harder, 76 years ago this month Gestapo monster Heinrich Himmler ordered brothels to be set up in concentration camps across Nazi-occupied Europe. The twisted plan conceived in Octoberwas aimed at increasing prisoners' productivity by offering the starved and tortured inmates a bonus system - if they worked hard enough they would be 'rewarded' with a visit to the camp brothel.

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Words: Hugh Kaye. This is an updated version of this article. Adolf Hitler planned a year Reich.

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They used to tell young Orthodox Jewish girls a story — they may still — about 93 Bais Yaakov girls who were selected by the Nazis to be their sex slaves and put in an apartment full of beds. And when the Nazis arrived to claim their plunder, they found 93 corpses. Rape during the Holocaust in particular has had about it the flavor of a taboo.

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The Nazi regime targeted all Jews, both men and women, for persecution and eventually death. The regime frequently subjected women, however, both Jewish and non-Jewish, to brutal persecution that was sometimes unique to the gender of the victims. Nazi ideology also targeted Roma Gypsy women, Polish women, and women with disabilities living in institutions.

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When I was eight years old Czechoslovakia broke apart and we became part of Hungary. That was when our problems started, because the Hungarians were allied with the Nazis. It was a difficult time for Jewish families, as suddenly the law no longer protected us and overnight we lost our civil rights. Jewish children were thrown out of Hungarian schools, so right away we had no choice but to concentrate on hunkering down and trying not to bring attention to ourselves.

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Gisella Perl showed academic promise at a young age. At the age of 16 she was the only woman—and the only Jewish person—to graduate from her secondary school. She had great academic aspirations, and approached her father requesting to go to medical school.

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By Frank Hornig. His body emaciated and his toothless mouth hanging open, Rudolf Brazda is skin and bones. Then comes his scream -- a loud lament that becomes a moan and then tapers off. Brazda is lying in his hospital bed, waiting at death's door.


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