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A stripper or exotic dancer is a person whose occupation involves performing striptease in a public adult entertainment venue such as a strip club. At times, a stripper may be hired to perform at a bachelor party or other private event. Modern Americanized forms of stripping minimize interaction by strippers with customers, reducing the importance of tease in the performance in favor of speed to undress strip.

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Strip Church Network, an organization that first aimed at reaching out to women primarily working in Las Vegas strip clubs for the last five years, has taken their ministry efforts nationwide, spreading hope to strippers in other cities where the sex industry also exists, say its leaders. The organization is a network of ministries that are led by women around the country who are trained and equipped with resources that become useful when they make late-night visits to strip clubs with the intention to show the women that they are loved and valued by them and by God. Their work includes taking home-cooked meals or gift bags filled with makeup, nail polish and similar items to the women who oftentimes become receptive to their non-threating and no-strings attached gospel message.

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It's your first vacation in a year and you want to do something so special that you will remember it for the rest of your days. You have come to Las Vegas for a one of a kind experience, but can't seem to find it. Everywhere you look there are dark and scary clubs that do nothing to excite your palate.

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Our friends at Hire Strippers Las Vegas offer a huge selection of amazing girls and we always receive good feedback from our clients that we refer. Strippers can do a lot more in your hotel room including get fully nude. Want to watch two hot strippers take a bubble bath in the amazing jacuzzi tub in your suite? No problem!

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Well, a Sin City stripper who has been dancing for eight years opens up about what working on the scene is really like. When I give a dance I outline the rules immediately even before I accept payment. I always say 'Ok, you can touch my sides, my legs, and my butt if you're gentle, no boobs or downstairs.

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If heading to Las Vegas for the very first time, then you are more likely to find yourself in a strip club than any other place of entertainment. There are more strip clubs in Las Vegas than any other place in the world. Las Vegas is one of the cities around the world with the best night and strip clubs in the world.

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Channing Tatum and Magic Mike have made stripping kind of respectable. But who bared all before him? The most exhilaratingly tacky film about strippers ever made stars Elizabeth Berkley as Nomi Malone, the ambitious small-town girl whose frenzied thrusting takes her all the way to Las Vegas.

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My audition at Scores West called for putting on a slinky polyester outfit, fake hair and too much makeup, and then slithering around a small stage half-undressed while a belching manager stared at me. I downed three shots, got on the stage, and after 30 seconds, they hired me. It sounds easy, but managers would make girls they had no intention of hiring dance on that same stage for up to 20 minutes.

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Although we spent the entire lifecycle of a mayfly there, we sensed that the stories we heard were only the tip of the iceberg. So we decided to go back to learn more from the strippers and the club manager about their job, their clients, and how to behave in a strip club. Over the course of a lazy Sunday night lazy because who goes to a strip club on Sunday?

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By day she sunbathes topless at an adults-only pool at the Rio Hotel and Casino. The partnership also flirts with a longstanding separation between sex and gambling in Las Vegas. The desert city was built on gambling and has never shied away from sex, but Nevada laws have long kept the two vices strictly separate.


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